Business in West Africa is fundamentally different to eastern Africa.

The threats the region faces are also very different to those in other parts of the world. Nigeria’s well-established oil industry alone faces challenges from militants, pirates, terrorists and political instability. Salama Fikira Nigeria was established in 2013 and has gone from strength to strength as the regional hub for West Africa. We understand that security solutions must be tailored to specific environments and have worked both on and offshore West Africa to enable businesses to successfully complete their operations. Our base in Lagos, Nigeria, is ideally located to manage operations across the region. All operations are managed from our 24 hour regional operations centre in Lagos.

West Africa Case Studies

ESM & Investigation

Type of Service: ESM & Investigation
Location: Nigeria
Sector: Corporate Security

Salama Fikira were appointed as the group risk consultants and advisors after a rigorous selection process through tender. We deployed an embedded security manager, in order to assess current practices and strategies, introduce best practices, innovations and holistic solutions. The support was aimed at strategic, tactical and operational levels, across the operation. Through our unique approach and highly skilled professionals, significant improvements were made to the client’s approach to risk management.

Close Protection and Risk Assessment

Type of Service: Close Protection and Risk Assessment
Location: Across West Africa
Sector: Energy

Salama Fikira provided risk assessment and protective services across multiple West African countries. We provided business intelligence prior to senior client company personnel deploying to the region to consider their local market entry options. The visits were supported by trained and experienced protection operators with international certifications meeting the needs of the client. Due to our local connectivity the Salama Fikira team provided local connectivity in all areas of business support, including government contacts, real estate acquisition and other on the ground logistic requirements. Our in country support has assisted the company in their successful market entry.

West Africa Business Assurance

Type of Service: Corporate Security – Secure Ground Transportation – Business Assurance Services – Key Stakeholder Engagements
Location: Nigeria, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea
Sector: Energy

Salama Fikira supported a long-standing energy client during the market introduction phase. We assisted in visiting potential large-scale prospects throughout West Africa. We were able to provide security services that were commensurate with the risks in each of the respective locations. This task included the management of logistics, route assessments, protective services and adding value to our client’s task by facilitating meetings and conducting stakeholders engagements. By carrying out these tasks in line with the high standards that we set, we ensured that our client met all their senior management’s expectations, and they were able to move forward with key prospects to improve their long-term footprint in Africa. Salama Fikira continue to support this client throughout sub-Saharan Africa for all security related tasks.

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