Travel Security Solutions

SF Breathe is a personal and executive travel security solution that delivers vital information and peace of mind whilst travelling within challenging environments.

A travel security solution and management system which provides risk alerting,
incident reporting and rapid tracking of personnel

Alerting and Monitoring via the SF Breathe Travel Security Management Solution

Salama Fikira Breathe is a unique travel security solution that allows businesses and organisations to identify, analyse and mitigate risk to personnel, assets and reputation. Breathe is an online travel security management solution that provides the user with a visual incident database, intelligent heat mapping and powerful in-built analytics. The information is collated from all-source intelligence and analysed by a team of experienced specialists to provide timely, actionable intelligence on a user-friendly, interactive GIS platform.

We believe the Salama Fikira Breathe travel security management solution to be revolutionary and industry leading. Our understanding of our areas of operation is second to none and we are now able to share this on an interactive and user friendly platform. Breathe is a cost effective, flexible service that can inform decision makers with accurate, timely information, to assist with making the right decisions, plan operation and management of personnel within one integrated platform.

A comprehensive SF Breathe brochure can be downloaded using this link: SF Breathe

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Platform Features

Alerts – Push notifications will alert the user in real time to security incidents that may affect personnel security and safety.

Country Information – Detailed country information will assist with protocols, procedures and tips for successful travel in key locations.

Location – Check-in with family, next of kin or employer to ensure they know you are safe. Send immediate SOS distress calls to a person of your choosing.

Analytics – In-built analytics will provide information that may be vital to your travel plans to ensure you do not run into unnecessary problems.

Reports – Periodic analytical reports will ensure the traveller has all the information on trends, areas of insecurity and mitigation advice, ahead of time.

Multiple Devices – Available for Android and iOS

Travel Buddy Mobile App (Android & iOS)

We have also developed the Salama Fikira Breathe ‘Travel Buddy’ travel security mobile application.

The travel security application is tethered to the main platform via a low bandwidth GSM link in order to provide business and private travellers with vital secure travel information and peace of mind while moving around within challenging environments.

Click here to download the Travel Buddy Mobile App (Android & iOS) Installation Instructions

For further information or to request a free one week trial of the SF Breathe travel security solution please contact our team on +254 795 757 579