Owing to our substantial experience in providing international levels of security and risk management across the African continent, Salama Fikira has established an internationally accredited, industry-leading Training Wing.

We deliver multiple courses, all of which are in line with current operating procedures and are tailored to the African environment. The courses have been developed by academics, practitioners and industry professionals all of whom live and operate in sub-Saharan Africa.

We have experience in delivering training across a diverse range of industries that enhances professionalism, awareness and duty of care.

We provide the following services

Bespoke Training

Salama Fikira provides a range of bespoke training, aimed to ensure that our client’s diverse requirements are met with a range of ‘fit for purpose’ courses. bespoke comprehensive training needs analysis is conducted in advance to ensure all performance indicators are achieved. All courses are delivered by specialists who are culturally aligned to the area of interest. Accredited courses conducted in sub-Saharan Africa include, but are not limited to; Security Risk Management, Health & Safety, Conflict Management, CCTV Operator and Guard Force Management.

Hostile Environments Awareness Training (HEAT)

Salama Fikira have developed and delivered Hostile Environments Awareness Training (HEAT) courses to a wide range of clients operating in hostile environments. During this time the instructors have gained invaluable experience and the training packages have evolved significantly to ensure that personnel are equipped with the requisite tools to operate safely and with confidence in challenging environments. Salama Fikira work directly with the client’s management to develop a bespoke training package. Salama Fikira will ensure that all staff have the correct tools to deal with situations as they arise. Upon conclusion of the training courses, clients will be fully capable of ensuring the long-term safety and security of their personnel while deployed in challenging environments.

Close Protection Operative Training – Level 3

The Salama Fikira Training Wing offers tailored courses for current and prospective Close Protection Operatives seeking to increase their capability, professionalism and employability. Both the Executive and the Hostile Environment courses provide successful candidates with the internationally recognised City & Guilds accreditation that allows operatives to work globally in the private security industry. The Executive course is three weeks long and prepares operatives to provide the highest levels of VIP protection in urban and remote areas. The Hostile Environment course is five weeks in duration and includes additional intensive modules to prepare operatives for protective duties in hostile and conflict-affected zones.

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