Generally more politically stable than most parts of Africa, southern Africa has long attracted business from around the world.

Regardless, Mozambique continues to suffer from the opposition’s low-level insurgency and violent crime rates in South Africa’s larger cities are notoriously high. With a permanent presence in Maputo, Mozambique, Salama Fikira offers appropriate solutions and advice to companies both already present and those looking to enter new markets. Our ability to deploy across the region at short notice and our intrinsic understanding of markets across sub-Saharan Africa set us apart.

Southern Africa Case Studies

Drugs Search

Type of Service: Special Project and Aviation
Location: South Africa
Sector: Energy and Shipping

Salama Fikira were contracted at short notice by a shipping client and mobilised to Cape Town, South Africa, to conduct a narcotics search on-board their vessel. With the vessel transiting down the western coast of Africa, timeliness was imperative. The consultant briefed the aviation and K9 partners and rehearsed the boarding, while the crisis response team drew up search plans and liaised with the master of the vessel in order to maintain communications security. The helicopters were launched at dawn and the entire team safely embarked via fast-rope. The vessel was methodically searched by the team, leading to an enhancement of the shipping company’s security and screening policies.

Investigation & Embedded Security Management

Type of Service: Investigation & Embedded Security Management
Location: South Africa
Sector: FCMG

Salama Fikira personnel were embedded into a multinational manufacturing business forming part of a team aimed at eradicating a criminal syndicate, increasing the level of physical security and undertaking a comprehensive security assessment.

During the investigation the criminal syndicate was and was found to consist of both encompassing of internal staff and security personnel. An interdiction involving arrests and the recovery of $50,000 USD of stolen items was coordinated by Salama Fikira. A criminal trial followed with members of the criminal syndicate being imprisoned for five years.

The security assessment identified several mitigation measures which were identified and implemented. These included a new combination of applied technology products.

Mozambique KnR Report

Type of Service: Research
Location: Mozambique
Sector: Insurance

An insurance provider concerned about the rise in kidnappings in Mozambique commissioned in-depth research into the problem and requested a report detailing modus operandi and ransom demands. Salama Fikira’s Information Team was able to use existing in-house data and extensive research experience to produce a comprehensive report at short notice. The report looked at motivating factors for kidnappings, the demographics of those targeted and the organisation of kidnapping syndicates. Structured geographically, the report outlined the nature of the problem in each of Mozambique’s provinces. As a result of the research, the client was in a better position to formulate an effective business strategy and to minimise the risk faced by their employees.

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