With our extensive network of highly experienced consultants, Salama Fikira have operated across the globe.

Our renowned expertise in securing maritime operations has led to us having personnel in Hong Kong, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Whilst the organisation’s primary focus will continue to be the African continent, we are able to use our experience, expertise and proven approach to facilitate growth into new markets from Southeast Asia to Europe, at the specific request of our clients.

Rest of World Case Studies

South East Asia Ship Security

Type of Service: Ship Security Training and Audit
Location: South China Sea
Sector: Shipping

Following the attempted boarding of a client’s vessel in the South China Sea, Salama Fikira were contracted to provide training to the crew in order to prevent future incidents and provide support to restore confidence in the crew.

Salama Fikira deployed an experienced maritime security advisor to Singapore where he embarked the vessel for one day to provide training to the crew and officers in the correct actions to take in the event of attack and demonstrated the deployment of barrier defenses appropriate to the vessel and the risk faced. Salama Fikira provided the manager of the vessel a security audit highlighting the vessel hardening measures undertaken and the further improvements which could be implemented.

The crew continued to operate in the region and two months later successfully repelled a more determined attack, the Master attributed the ships’ success to the additional training and security advice provided by Salama Fikira.

Training Panama Flag State

Type of Service: Training
Location: Panama
Sector: Shipping

The Panama Maritime Authority invited Salama Fikira to deliver a training package on Maritime Safety and the Fight against Piracy. The course was scheduled alongside the opening ceremony of the expanded Panama Canal. Salama Fikira’s CEO travelled to Panama and delivered a tailored course to Panamanian personnel. The course included an overview of global anti-piracy initiatives before providing modules on robbery, stowaways and maritime terrorism. Sessions were also delivered focusing on the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and Southeast Asia. As a result of the course, Panamanian Maritime Authority personnel are in a stronger position to formulate adequate policy to combat maritime crime and piracy.

Close Protection & Secure Ground Transportation Monaco

Type of Service: Risk Assessments and Close Protection
Location: Monaco
Sector: Corporate Security

Salama Fikira were tasked with providing two Close Protection Officers to a VIP at an annual awards ceremony in Monaco.

Prior to the ceremony taking place, Salama Fikira carried out a thorough Risk Assessment of the locations due to be visited during the course of the three day event.

For the awards ceremony two CPOs were deployed to manage both the overall security situation at the host venue, and the VIP’s personal security without infringing on his ability to enjoy the event.

The event ended without any security incidents and the VIP and other guests were able to relax during it, knowing that their security was being well managed.

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