Research and Information Services

Salama Fikira understands the importance of accurate information at every stage of decision-making.

We believe that information and research can play an important role in keeping businesses safe. Our integrated solutions to security challenges mean that information forms an integral component of all services.

Our Information and Research Department comprises of personnel with a wealth of diverse experience. We have specialists in war and conflict studies, as well as those with an anthropological focus and former military personnel. All our analysts have lived and worked in sub-Saharan Africa for a substantial period of time. We believe in the quality, accuracy and timeliness of our products.

Our Research, Threat and Risk Assessment Services

Alerting and Monitoring via Online Secure Platform

Timely notifications of security incidents allow clients to avoid danger. The Salama Fikira team constantly monitors the threat environment in the areas we operate and generate detailed “alerts” as and when incidents occur. We also produce advisories in advance of potential incidents. In addition, nationwide situation reports are disseminated to our clients each week for countries across the region. These look at trends in the threat environment and highlight significant developments.

Bespoke Risk Assessments

Clients looking to enter new markets must ensure that they are not taking unnecessary security, reputational or financial risks. The Information and Research Department works together with the Operations teams to provide a complete risk assessment package. Salama Fikira will deploy an analyst to relevant locations to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the risks on the ground. All necessary due diligence investigations will be completed and the physical security of premises assessed by qualified professionals. The result is always a comprehensive security plan which includes actionable recommendations. All reports will be tailored to the specific requirements of the client and based on our proven risk assessment methodology.

Research Projects

Security solutions should be grounded by research. The response to a threat must be relevant, appropriate and effective. The threat must be comprehensively understood. Our analysts’ varied backgrounds mean that they have a wealth of research experience. Our research papers cover a plethora of issues including crime and terrorism. These are tailored to our clients’ specific operations.

Country Threat and Hazard Assessments

Salama Fikira’s knowledge of sub-Saharan Africa’s complexities is unrivalled. When considering expanding your business into a new country, it can be useful to have a comprehensive country-wide assessment of the potential risks to your organisation’s operations and reputation. We provide off-the-shelf country reports which will give you a head start.

Impact Assessments

Major security incidents across the region have significant effects on the threat environment. Elections, coup d’états and terrorist attacks may change the dynamics of a market. A timely assessment of the impact of an event ensures that a company can make appropriate decisions in response. Salama Fikira’s 24-hour operational capability allows us to react to an incident as it happens and provide comprehensive advice to our clients.

Threat Forecasting

No one can see into the future but predictions regarding upcoming changes in the threat environment can enable corporations to prepare accordingly, providing a competitive edge. Salama Fikira utilise trend-analysis and our comprehensive incident databases to make informed predictions and to give our clients as much time as possible to make important decisions regarding potential expansion. All forecasting is grounded in both experience and data.

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