Nigeria Election Update

Significant disruptions were reported during the last six weeks as a result of the ongoing Presidential campaign rallies. With the Presidential and gubernatorial elections due to occur on 16th February and 2nd March respectively further electoral violence is expected to dominate the country in the next six weeks.

Since the beginning of 2019 ‘Election Violence’ has been present in all geopolitical zones with significant incidents of disruption been recorded in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Lagos, Plateau, Imo, Taraba, Ogun, Oyo, Jigawa, Cross River and Akwa Ibom states. Though the gravity of electoral motivated violence is comparable low mostly due to under reporting, the threat to foreign nationals and entities operating in the country remains high.

Key Dates

  • Thursday 14th February, last day of Presidential campaign
  • Saturday 16th February, General Election for Presidency and National Assembly
  • Friday 22nd February, results for General Election due to be published (Subject to change)
  • Thursday 28th February, last day of Governorship and State Assembly Campaigning
  • Saturday 2nd March, State wide elections due to take place
  • Friday 8th March, results of State wide elections due to be published (Subject to change)

The complete report is available for download at the following link:  Nigeria Election

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