Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Operations

Salama Fikira provides a comprehensive range of maritime security and anti-piracy operations to the shipping and energy industries operating in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and South-East Asia.

We have built a reputation as one of the world leading providers of professional, compliant and competitive maritime security solutions. Salama Fikira can minimise the risk faced to personnel, assets and reputation in the maritime domain.

West High Risk Area

West High Risk Area

East High Risk Area

East High Risk Area

Maritime Security and Anti-Piracy Services

Armed Maritime Security – Indian Ocean

Since the onset of widespread Somali piracy in 2008, the proliferation of professional, trained armed security was essential, rapid and overwhelmingly successful in supressing pirates in the high-risk waters off Somalia. However, it is widely accepted that without sustained stability and development, the root cause of piracy will not be resolved and as such vessels continue to be at risk. Salama Fikira have provided industry leading armed anti-piracy ship protection services to vessels and crews transiting the high-risk area since 2011. Our teams are trained to the highest standards and operate in accordance with tested operating procedures. In addition to being contracted to support a number of oil majors, we are one of only a few companies which meet the demanding requirements of the German Flag. Salama Fikira are able to provide diversity in team compositions to better integrate our personnel with crew. All teams are supported by our own 24-hour operations centres.

Armed Ship Protection – Gulf of Guinea

It is well known that the maritime security environment in West Africa has become increasingly challenging, with a rise in the number of ships coming under attack and crew members being held to ransom. In 2014 Salama Fikira established a regional 24-hour operations centre in Lagos and have developed a reputation for the provision of reliable and professional services, supporting shipping in the Gulf of Guinea. We provide a range of tailored services to help mitigate the risk vessels face when operating in West Africa. Our services include fast support intervention vessels, vessel security assessments, anti-piracy crew training, liaison with host nation forces using retired naval officers and the provision of maritime safety advisors to support vessels and crews operating in the region.

Energy Security Offshore

As the global demand for energy increases, exploration and production (E&P) is increasingly taking place in complex locations offshore. Salama Fikira have extensive experience in providing fully integrated risk management and security solutions to offshore E&P. We are proud to have successfully supported some of the most challenging offshore energy operations to have taken place anywhere to date. From this experience we have developed comprehensive, robust security plans, implemented by seasoned maritime security professionals. Our approach is intelligence-led, layered, culturally sensitive and effective.

Unarmed Maritime Security and Ship Protection

Approximately 70% of the surface area of the globe is water and as such it is not surprising that threat levels vary significantly. Salama Fikira ensures that all security provisions are proportionate to the threat, whilst remaining comprehensive and cost-effective. Unarmed escorts and bridge advisory services remain a key service, providing assurance and training to vessels across the world. We provide bespoke training advisory services that provide confidence to our clients, from the Chief Security Officer and Master to the most junior crew member.

Maritime Support Services

To complement our security services, Salama Fikira provide a range of support products, delivered in difficult environments to tight timelines. Through our regional networks, Salama Fikira are able to provide a host of support services to the client operating in the maritime environments off both East and West Africa. Services include vessel charters, provision of security stores and equipment, hardening, crew training and vessel audits. Our maritime clients also benefit from the support of our other divisions, such as the Information and Research Department and the Investigations Department when required.

Host Nation Liaison

Governments are key stake-holders in exploration operations and will naturally have a vested interest in ensuring they are conducted in an appropriate manner. Salama Fikira knows that when conducting offshore energy operations, it is essential that organisations work closely with host nations to ensure successful project delivery. Depending on the socio-political environment, it may be necessary to utilise host nation security forces. As we have grown as an African risk management provider, Salama Fikira are uniquely placed to provide liaison services with these authorities. Our personnel come from a variety of backgrounds, are trained and experienced working with host nation authorities to complement them and ensure the overall safety and security of offshore operations in accordance with international standards.

Special Projects

During times of crisis and emergency, it is essential that a measured, timely and methodical approach is taken. Since the company’s inception, we have prided ourselves on flexibility, adaptability and an ability to find solutions to extremely complex, and often unusual problems on behalf of our clients. Our team have extensive experience in conducting sensitive and discrete operations at short notice. Salama Fikira are able to provide immediate support to emergency evacuations, extractions, negotiations, logistics and a broad spectrum of other client-specific problems.

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