Salama Fikira provides a comprehensive range of risk management and security solutions to anyone wanting to minimise the risks to their personnel, operations and assets when operating in challenging environments.

We provide the following services

Risk Assessment and Advisory Services

Salama Fikira believes that in order to successfully operate anywhere, people must first fully understand the complexities of the terrain. We have vast experience in the provision of information that focusses on the physical, human, technical and operational elements of risk. We are experts in providing targeted, relevant assessments to our clients. Our services range from baseline assessments to bespoke multi-faceted advisories.

Security Services

Africa presents a variety of threat environments. Our understanding of risk in Africa is second to none. We have a dynamic team ensuring that all operations are intelligence-led and proportionate. We have unrivalled experience in hostile and extreme-risk environments. With an intimate knowledge of our areas of operations, we are committed to ensuring the best possible future for this continent.

Close Protection

High-net-worth individuals and business people living in the 21st century are undoubtedly exposed to varying threats. Terrorism, violent crime, civil unrest and political instability all affect the safety of individuals living throughout the modern world. We understand these threats and provide vetted, trained and accredited Close Protection Operatives to mitigate them. We have our own internationally accredited Training Wing that coaches operatives to conform to international standards in the African environment. We are able to provide teams and individual operatives, dependent on the risk of each task. All protection tasks are planned, tracked and monitored by professionals from 24-hour operations centres in East and West Africa.

Secure Ground Transportation

Annual road fatalities in Africa are amongst the highest in the world and account for almost 250,000 deaths per year according to the World Health Organisation’s most recent survey. Poorly maintained vehicles and road infrastructure, coupled with the lack of driving regulations, make road travel generally the highest risk activity that visitors face. Salama Fikira utilise drivers that are medically and security trained, vetted and competent. We only utilise vehicles that are safe, properly maintained, tracked and fit for purpose. Salama Fikira are able to provide safe secure airport pick-up, transfer and movement in moderate, high and extreme risk environments.

Mobile Security

The expansion of logistical operations across challenging environments has significantly increased the risk exposure faced by organisations wishing to conduct transportation operations in Africa. Experience operating throughout the region has taught us that logistical operations are possible and continue, provided that proportionate mitigation measures are implemented. We provide a complete security management solution to convoy operations. A team of professionals with extensive experience operating in high-risk environments are dedicated to this service.

Special Projects

During times of crisis and emergency, it is essential that a measured, timely and methodical approach is taken. Since the company’s inception, we have prided ourselves on flexibility, adaptability and an ability to find solutions to extremely complex, and often unusual problems on behalf of our clients. Our team have extensive experience in conducting sensitive and discrete operations at short notice. Salama Fikira are able to provide immediate support to emergency evacuations, extractions, negotiations, logistics and a broad spectrum of other client-specific problems.


It is an unfortunate fact that many law enforcement agencies in the developing world are under-funded, under-resourced and often under-trained. Salama Fikira have built a reputation as an industry leader in supporting investigations. We are expert at partnering with law enforcement organisations on behalf of our clients. Our team of former police officers have embraced the ‘partnership policing’ model to great affect and are able to support a broad range of investigations, from anti-illicit trade to brand protection and in-depth anti-counterfeit operations.


In recent years the level of support provided to governments and intergovernmental organisations by private sector partners has increased exponentially. Salama Fikira are ideally placed to support defence and peacekeeping operations in the developing world. When specialist assistance is required to reduce exposure and increase the efficiency of support and capacity building operations, we can provide the solutions.

Salama Fikira provide flexible operational support and programme management utilising in-house account managers and experienced vetted consultants. Our advisory, liaison and consultancy capabilities support our clients’ mission-critical objectives in complex and non-permissive environments in Africa.

Embedded Security Management

From multi-national ‘blue chip’ corporations to small independent NGOs, all organisations have a duty of care to their staff. If international organisations want to attract the most capable employees in their industry to come to the developing world, they must ensure that the workers feel safe and secure. Salama Fikira provide embedded security managers who have experience working in the corporate world and bring with them the requisite ‘soft skills’ to support clients with their duty of care. We are expert in the production of operating procedures and business continuity plans, as well as response and training services.

The benefit of employing us over direct employment is that behind the embedded manager is the entire support engine of Salama Fikira. The value-add services of information and alerting, crisis support and HR management ensure that our clients receive a holistic risk management solution that provides peace of mind to employers and employees alike.

Energy Security Onshore

As global populations continue to rise, the demand for energy will invariably increase. As such, in a competitive industry, exploration and production (E&P) is taking place in increasingly remote and complex environments. The ‘resource curse’ or ‘paradox of plenty’ is neither universal nor inevitable and can be positively affected with culturally aware, comprehensive project management and security. Salama Fikira have extensive experience in providing fully integrated risk management and security solutions to upstream, midstream and downstream energy operations in some of the most sensitive and challenging environments in Africa. Our reputation for intelligence-led, community focussed support, adherent to the highest levels of HSSE and compliance, is unrivalled.

Technical and Cyber Security

Across the globe, people are more interconnected than ever before. Individuals, companies, militaries and governments are increasingly reliant on modern technology. This reliance creates vulnerabilities that are exploited ever more frequently by malcontents. Information is valuable and the threats from corporate security breaches, sabotage and fraud are evolving constantly and becoming highly sophisticated. Salama Fikira have developed a highly effective technical security capability. By partnering with industry leaders and using internal resources, we are able to provide thorough, diligent and trustworthy cyber-security services across Africa. Salama Fikira assist our clients to prevent, mitigate against, investigate and ensure recovery from cyber incidents. We provide technical surveillance counter measures that protect against corporate espionage and deliver digital exploitation and forensics, analysis and insider threat protection. These services are available to corporations, government and law enforcement, as well as the provision of specialised support for military and intelligence agencies.

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