Kenya Election Package 2017  

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SF is able to offer a range of services tailored to fit each client’s unique requirements as the Kenya 2017 election draws closer.

Kenyans are expected to take to the polls on 8th August 2017. The event has already begun to highlight several underlying issues in Kenya’s political environment.

  • Voter apathy. Youths are frustrated and continue to be shut out of job opportunities and public participation by ‘old faces.’
  • Tensions between communities continue to exist and are aggravated by a poorly drafted constitution which is accused of encouraging exclusion.
  • The ‘tyranny of numbers’ means that the most populous ethnic communities are politically dominant whilst minority groups remain neglected by the national government, resulting in lower rates of development and poor access to public services.
  • The ongoing drought has increased tensions among pastoralist communities in northern Kenya as communities compete for limited resources. A failure to reform security forces has meant that their response is often a heavy-handed response. This coupled with high rates of corruption, has created disconnect between them and civilians.

For further information Salama Fikira’s complete Kenya Election 2017 Package is available for download at the following link: Salama Fikira Kenya Election Package 2017

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