Following more than two decades of conflict, Somalia and the Horn of Africa as a whole is too often characterised by violence and state failure.

The region should be seen as one of opportunity. Somalia’s coastline is the longest on the African continent; Ethiopia’s economy is growing rapidly; Djibouti has become a military base for the USA and China. Salama Fikira’s wealth of experience across Somalia and offshore has established the company as the preeminent security provider in the country. We have successfully completed multiple large-scale operations in the region with clients including Oil & Gas companies, logistics businesses, non-profit organisations and intergovernmental bodies. We offer culturally sensitive, efficient solutions which are appropriate to this varied socio-political environment.

Horn of Africa Case Studies

Security Project Management

Type of Service: Assessment and Advisory, Close Protection, Mobile and Static Security
Location: South Central Somalia
Sector: Logistics, Intergovernmental Body

Salama Fikira were contracted by a large international logistics corporation to provide security management for the delivery of supplies to Coalition troops operating in south-central Somalia. Salama Fikira deployed a security management team into Mogadishu and provided systematic, phased implementation of security procedures, training and operational management. Daily operational and intelligence briefings were provided to the client to ensure that all movements were conducted as safely as possible. Despite the difficult operating environment personnel, assets and reputations were protected throughout.

Close Protection and Business Assurance

Type of Service: Assessment and Advisory Close Protection, Secure Ground Transportation
Location: Mogadishu, Puntland, Somaliland
Sector: Development

Salama Fikira were contracted by an international development implementation organisation to provide close protection services to their personnel across the Federal Republic of Somalia. The project involved the movement of multiple consultants via land and air to remote locations. Leveraging off our considerable experience we were able to provide security support in all locations. Planned and monitored from our Headquarters in Nairobi our consultants deployed in advance of the principals and conducted dynamic risk assessment of all locations and ensured that evacuation plans were put in place prior to the arrival of the principals. Salama Fikira provided meet and greet at all points of entry, as well as frequent security briefings throughout the trip.

Seismic Security Support

Type of Service: Energy Security Offshore & Maritime Support Services
Location: Somalia
Sector: Energy

Salama Fikira have successfully supported the last two large scale seismic acquisition projects offshore Somalia in over 20 years. SF undertook the protection of the client’s project, personnel, assets and reputation, specifically against the threats posed from piracy, maritime crime and terrorism. This included an intelligence element which was provided by the Nairobi-based Information Team and evolved over several phases to engage with coastal communities and sensitise them to the upcoming seismic operation.

Despite the complex nature of the operating environment, the project was conducted safely, legally and compliantly utilising over 120 personnel. Salama Fikira had personnel deployed in Mombasa, Kenya and Mogadishu, Somalia all of whom were managed from the headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

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