Complex Attack in Nairobi

riversideOn 15th January 2019, a complex attack was conducted at the 14 Riverside Drive compound in Kileleshwa, Nairobi. At the time of writing, a large number of conflicting information regarding the assailants, modus operandi and current status of the attack continues to be reported, exacerbating an accurate assessment of the situation on the ground.

However, based on local sources, the following information can be viewed with a high degree of certainty:

  • Around 1530hrs, a group of approximately six gunmen in black fatigues arrived outside the compound in a Toyota Ractis, detonated the vehicle with an unidentified explosive and entered the compound.
  • The assailants then proceeded into the compound, firing several rounds at individuals and buildings. The assailants detonated an unidentified explosive device, alleged to be a person-borne IED (PBIED), at the Secret Garden Restaurant, opposite the d2Dusit Hotel. The assailants then reportedly entered the d2Dusit Hotel.
  • Gunfire continues to be reported in the compound at the time of writing and security forces are onsite.

Al Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack through one of the group’s official propaganda outlets. The situation remains volatile, as several credible reports indicate that the assailants have barricaded themselves within the d2Dusit Hotel. It is reminded that the incident represents the first al Shabaab attack conducted in Nairobi since the 16th May 2014 Gikomba Market attack.

SF will continue to monitor the situation and revert accordingly.

The complete report is available for download at the following link:  Complex Attack in Nairobi

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