The vast Great Lakes region has experienced multiple wars over the last few decades.

The region’s complex conflict dynamics must be understood in fine detail in order to successfully operate there. Whilst much of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains volatile, many parts of the country are increasingly seeking to attract foreign investment. Rwanda has been praised for its commitment to good governance and continues to encourage foreign direct investment. Salama Fikira have assisted multiple entities in dealing with the risks faced when operating throughout central Africa. With a permanent presence in the DRC’s Lubumbashi, we are perfectly placed to support organisations looking to work in this resource-filled zone of opportunity.

Central Africa Case Studies

Risk Assessment

Type of Service: Assessment and Advisory
Location: Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo
Sector: FMCG

Salama Fikira were tasked to conduct a transport threat and risk assessment for the eastern corridor of the DRC during the M23 rebellion of 2012. Due to widespread fighting across eastern DRC a FMCG client was unable to move vehicles freely to their custom base and requested support in conducting an assessment. A two man team deployed from Kenya to Rwanda where they moved by road to the border into DRC. The team moved discretely along the entirety of the eastern corridor and provided a comprehensive report on the ability to move goods during the conflict. Through our targeted intelligence the client was able to reduce their risk sufficiently to move safely through the area with no incidents recorded.


Type of Service: Extraction
Location: Burundi
Sector: Insurance

During the 2015 spike of unrest in Burundi there was a large requirement for personnel to be extracted from the capital Bujumbura and the surrounding rural areas. Salama Fikira deployed a Kenyan team leader at short notice who drove overland through Rwanda to the border as visas were not able to be issued and the airspace was closed. The concept of operations was to covertly insert a team leader in a low-profile vehicle to increase freedom of movement across the capital city. We were able to safely extract 10 personnel to Rwanda where they were met and debriefed before transiting onwards to their home locations.

Conservation Training

Type of Service: Training, procedure development and implementation
Location: Central Africa
Sector: Conservation

Salama Fikira were tasked to provide support with the development, implementation and training of procedures for a large international conservation organisation. Due to our extensive experience in operating across Africa with varying law enforcement and paramilitary organisations we were able to develop procedures that were in-line with the voluntary principles of security and human rights that focussed heavily on the ethical application of force in conflict situations. Upon completion of the procedure development a small team of our senior management deployed and trained all of the organisations management personnel on the procedures. This allowed for the management to cascade the procedures down to the rangers on the ground to ensure that appropriate, ethical use of force was applied to ensure the protection and preservation of human life.

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