Salama Fikira provides a range of integrated aviation services that allow access into remote locations and provide the relevant risk mitigation measures for personnel, assets and reputations.

Each service is tailored to our client’s requirements, whether logistical assistance in moving high-value cargo and personnel into non-permissive environments, or emergency extraction from remote locations.

We provide the following services

Aviation Security

Locations of critical national infrastructure, such as international airports, are becomingly increasingly threatened by extremism. What is unusual about this recent threat is that it appears to extend to the developed world as much as the developing. Salama Fikira provides support to private and government entities securing infrastructure and mitigating risks posed to air assets and infrastructure.

Charter Services

Our extensive experience operating across the African continent has established relationships in a broad range of sectors, especially in the aviation industry. Salama Fikira acts as an aviation broker focussing on less economically developed regions of Africa, enabling our clients to operate effectively in remote and challenging environments using air assets. We manage operator agreements with vetted, safety-oriented providers, giving clients the peace of mind that the aviation solution meets the highest possible industry standards. Charters solutions include both freight and passenger services utilising fixed wing and rotary wing assets.

Aviation Support Services

Salama Fikira provides tailored support services to assist operators already working here or looking to enter the African market. Through our network of consultants, we are able to offer integrated solutions to operators. We assist in overcoming difficulties faced by aircraft, corporations and individuals. With access to our operations room and intelligent partnering, we can ensure the highest quality of service and efficiency.

Special Projects

During times of crisis and emergency, it is essential that a measured, timely and methodical approach is taken. Since the company’s inception, we have prided ourselves on flexibility, adaptability and an ability to find solutions to extremely complex, and often unusual problems on behalf of our clients. Our team have extensive experience in conducting sensitive and discrete operations at short notice. Salama Fikira are able to provide immediate support to emergency evacuations, extractions, negotiations, logistics and a broad spectrum of other client-specific problems.

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