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Our Security Services

Land Based Security

Security company delivering a comprehensive range of risk management and security solutions to anyone wanting to minimise the risks to their personnel, operations and assets when operating in challenging environments.

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Maritime Security

We provide a comprehensive range of maritime security to the shipping and energy industries operating in the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and South-East Asia.

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Aviation Security and Support Services

We provide a range of integrated aviation services that allow access into remote locations and provide the relevant mitigation measures for personnel, assets and reputations.

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Why Our Security and Risk Management Services are Unique

Permanent Operational Coordination Centres

As a security company Salama Fikira is committed to ensuring that all projects are planned, manned, mobilised and monitored with absolute professionalism and diligence. Our operational coordination centres in Nairobi, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria are staffed 24-7 by professionals with the requisite skills and qualifications to manage complex operations in challenging environments. All of our projects are rigorously planned with robust communications procedures and contingencies factored in. We are experienced in providing short-notice crisis management and emergency response on behalf of our clients and have an internal ‘Emergency Response Team’ on stand-by on a continual basis which ensures that clients have immediate access to senior managers in the event of a crisis. The operational coordination centres ensure that all projects are supported fully from mobilisation to closure by a dedicated team who understand the region and operational protocols to the highest level.

The operations room is made up of four components:

Africa Information Fusion Centres

Regardless of size or complexity, all Salama Fikira tasks are intelligence led and grounded on a thorough understanding of the operational environment. Our Information and Research Department contains a wealth of diverse experience. The department has considerable research experience with a mix of Kenyan, Nigerian and British researchers. All have lived and worked in sub-Saharan Africa for a substantial period of time. The department produces analytical security reports, incident alerts and due diligence investigations for a wide variety of clients ranging from multinationals firmly established in the region to smaller venture capital and private equity firms looking to equip themselves for country-entry. Department output includes weekly, monthly and bespoke reporting that caters to the specific needs of corporations, private individuals and NGOs.

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