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Salama Fikira

Corporate Profile

The company works under six main divisions – Oil & Gas, Maritime Security, Aircraft Charter, Risk Mitigation Projects, Client Service Solutions and Special Projects and Investigations. It has a proven track record in sensitive and complex environments, creating the conditions where our clients can do business effectively. From training and location reconnaissance before a project, to task planning and deployment while underway. Salama Fikira is a security company which is equipped to support clients at every operational stage of their enterprise.

Within these divisions, Salama Fikira specialises in a range of services which are tailored to fit each client’s unique requirements. Examples include ship security, port security, executive protection, corporate security, mining security, oil and gas security and other security risk management related services. Salama Fikira’s wide-ranging expertise allows it to offer an integrated private security and risk management service to meet any client’s requirements.

Key to the company’s success is our close personal ties with our areas of operation. From the CEO downwards, the majority of Salama Fikira’s full-time employees are African born and bred, and with this comes an inherent social and cultural awareness. Whether assessing risk or facilitating enterprise, local knowledge is at the forefront of what we do. All senior managers reside in Africa, most having spent previous careers working in unstable socio-political environments. This places them well to take the lead on any African private security and risk management contracts they are approached with.



Our Support Structure

Support Structure

All tasks are tracked and supported by a skilled 24/7/365 operations team based in the hub of East Africa. This capability is invaluable for crisis management, maintaining communications, and preserving clients’ peace of mind.